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game ready canine veterinary rentals

Game Ready Canine & Veterinary Rentals

Elite Vet Products provides the recommended post-surgical Canine Game Ready Rental Program for patient home use.  The program consists of a 14-day rental day that provides state of the art therapy to speed recovery from surgery.

The rental time-line is 14 days

The cost for 14 days is $385.00 which includes shipping

To return the Game Ready unit to EVP a return shipping label will be provided with your rental.  Save this label to use when your rental is complete.  There is no additional cost.  The $385 includes all shipping costs.

Print a copy of the rental agreement below and fax it to (919) 303-8420 or call us at (91) 800-99044   All requests received prior to 2pm (EST) will be shipped the same day.

Canine Rental Agreement

Download and Print Form

How does it work?

Game Ready delivers a unique combination of adjustable cold therapy and active compression via a microprocessor-regulated control unit and formfitting dual action wraps.

Follow the steps below to use the Game Ready System

  • Fill unit with 3/4 ice and cold water

  • Plug unit into AC outlet

  • Place appropriate wrap around injured area. The hose connector MUST be facing up.  Ensure that the wrap is secured snug around the area.

  • Connect the hose from the wrap to the control unit.  The hose only connects one way, you will hear a click when connected properly.   

  • Press the POWER button

  • Set PRESSURE to medium (do not use High pressure, if dog is sensitive to the pressure, change to low).  Pressure button is first left button on top

  • Set RUN TIME to 25 minutes - Run Time is the second button on the bottom

  • Press the PLAY button

  • Use system at least 3x times a day or as recommended by your veterinarian

Replace ice and cold water after each use.

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