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Posted on 12-03-2014

Hi, I started to sell some of my products on Amazon in addition to this website.  As a new business owner I am still trying to figure out all of the different online ways to sell products so bear...

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The Benefits of ORGreens Vet Scrubs

Posted on 09-17-2014

ORGreens are a new line of surgical vet scrubs, gowns, wraps, towels and drapes made from the latest technology in fabrics.   The fabric has a ‘barrier’ infused process which...

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ORGreen Veterinary Surgical Gowns VS Disposable Vet Gowns

Posted on 08-21-2014

ORGreen surgical vet gowns are much more cost effective than disposables gown alternatives. By using our surgical gowns, you will be able to save money by reusing your surgical gowns, and you will...

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ORGreens Reusable Surgical Gowns

Posted on 08-11-2014

Go green with ORGreens reusable surgical vet gowns! These gowns are lightweight completely breathable for total comfort in the O.R.  The gowns can be washed and autoclaved over 60 times wh...

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