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Elite Vet Products - Vet Gowns, Scrubs & Drapes

Try Our Veterinary Scrubs, Gowns, & Drapes Today!

  • Autoclavable, Moisture Wicking, and Water Resistant
  • Saves Hundreds by Switching from Disposable Scrubs!
  • Experience our Breathable, Comfortable Fabric Infused with Carbon Fiber

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Our Veterinary Products Are The Future Of Animal Health!

Elite Vet offers products and services designed for the veterinary Surgical and Rehabilitation markets, including the Game Ready system, ORGreens and GerMedUsa instruments 

ORGreens are a technically advanced line of scrubs/surgical gowns and drapes and pack wraps. Our gowns are designed to be comfortable and breathable, yet completely water resistant. This means that you will be able to stay completely dry during surgery. The gowns and scrubs continually wick away moisture keeping you cool and comfortable.

Our  Gowns are uniquely designed to be autoclavable for over 75 turns. This durability and reusability allows for our customers to save hundreds of dollars every year by switching from single use scrubs.

Elite Vet Products is an authorized distributor of the Game Ready System for both Canine and Equine and the ORGreen surgical wear line of scrubs, gowns, wraps and drapes.

ORGreens - Reviewed by Dr. David Holmes, DVM on
"I have used the gowns a few times and found them very comfortable. The giant drapes are great for laparascopic procedures as they cover the animal and the whole op table which keeps the light cable, gas tube and camera cable sterile over a much greater length. Our staff loves the Barrier Scrubs as they repel ALL liquids and dissipates static electricity, ,preventing anything from attaching to the fabric, especially hair! No more changing our scrubs from the unexpected patient soiling. The all-day comfort as an unexpected surprise."
Elite Vet Products Rating: 5/5

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